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SHSM Co-op

Sir Robert Borden has THREE Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) programs:

Co-op Requirements:

A two credit co-op in the field of a student’s SHSM is a required component of completing the SHSM. Students in SHSM courses should explore their co-op options.

*** Summer school SHSM co-ops must be 2 credit (Jul. and Aug., 6 weeks) ***


911 SHSM:

The Justice, Community Safety and Emergency Services SHSM (911 Specialist) program provides students with an opportunity to explore the realms of police foundations and law enforcement, paramedic and first aid training, fire services, the military, and corrections and prisons. Students will attain numerous certifications (including first aid, conflict resolution, global positioning systems, and self defense), attend field trips to paramedic and fire department facilities, and participate in rigorous physical activity as part of their fitness plan. Overall, the goal of the Emergency SHSM is for students to pursue dynamic learning activities related to post secondary education, giving them a chance to explore, identify and refine career goals and make informed decisions related to a future career.

Nutrition and Human Performance SHSM:

Food, Fitness and Fun!  In the Nutrition and Human Performance Program students will learn about concepts related to fitness and nutrition, one of Canada’s largest growing sectors in the employment industry. Experiential learning will be at the heart of the program while utilizing up to date fitness equipment and modern kitchen appliances. Successful students will graduate with the knowledge and skills required to further pursue related programs and careers in the Health, Nutrition and Fitness sector.


Architecture/Construction SHSM:

The Construction (Architectural Focus) SHSM provides students with an in-depth look at residential and light commercial drawings. Design, Function and Form, The Ontario Building Code and Interior Design are incorporated into all projects and prepare students for post-secondary opportunities as well as the world of work. AutoCAD 2020 is the main software used to prepare the working drawings, however other software such as Tinker CAD and Google SketchUp are used depending on the application.

Students learn to take all aspects of design into account such as topographical mapping, sun orientation and barrier free access. Construction practices such as foundations, interior and exterior walls, roof types and stairs are covered within the course to better prepare students for CO-OP placements and model making.


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