Health & Safety Information

Cooperative Education

Health & Safety Information

Is there insurance?

The OCDSB will provide workplace safety and insurance board coverage (WSIB) during the student’s agreed upon placement hours.

*** During the Christmas Holiday and March break this insurance is not active, and therefore students are never allowed to go to their placements during these holidays. ***

Students can purchase additional insurance (OSBIE) that would cover co-op students damaging equipment or endangering others for between $13-$33 depending on choice of insurance.

Do we need to pay for transportation/equipment?

OYAP students will be reimbursed up to a maximum of $450 for travel to and from a co-op placement in an apprenticeable trade.

OYAP students will be reimbursed/provided a voucher for steel-toed footwear as well as reimbursement for a selection of other required PPE.

Are students allowed to drive?

The risk of having a student drive a vehicle would be assumed by the employer. The school board has no liability insurance to protect the student nor the employer for damages arising out of operation of a vehicle.

OCDSB liability insurance does not cover students as a passenger in an employer owned/other non-owned vehicle.

Am I allowed to talk to others about my placement?

Students will sign a confidentiality agreement that states they must keep “all information obtained about customers, all that relates to fellow workers, and all other confidential information concerning the training organization” confidential.

Do I complete any health and safety certifications in this class?

WHMIS, four steps to safety, working from heights (construction placements),

Do students need to fill out any waiver forms?

Parents will agree to assuming that there are potential risks associated with each individual co-op by signing an informed consent form.

Students, parents, employers, and the co-op teacher will sign off on the WEA (work education agreement) which will provide insurance coverage while at the placement (please note that insurance coverage will only be for the hours stated on the agreement). Insurance times can be amended for special learning opportunities, but will require new signatures from all parties.

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