Welcome Grade 7 and 8's

Parent Update Sept 8 -Welcome Grade 7 and 8's
Posted on 09/08/2020

September 8th, 2020

Dear Grade 7 & 8 Parents and Guardians,

Matt Gagnier, our new principal, did recently send out a welcome back letter regarding information for grades 7-12; however, I thought I might take this opportunity to share information specifically for intermediate students. I know this has been a challenging year and many parents and students are anxious about our new learning environment. Our staff are in the building and eager to reunite our SRB community. We are excited to see our students and provide the best possible school experience given our new “normal”. 

We know our grade 7 students are anxious about their transition to a new school, especially during the current situation. Therefore, we have dedicated a day just for them. Grade 7 students will start on Monday, September 14th. The day will be dedicated to getting to know their teacher, classmates, facility, and safety procedures. On Tuesday, September 15th, we will welcome back our grade 8’s (in addition to our grade 7’s) and will walk through a similar agenda. Staff are working hard to find ways to build classroom communities and celebrate the return to school.

With approximately 285 grade 7 & 8 students returning to in-person learning (74%), we are updating information as quickly as possible to ensure you and your child are prepared for school in the coming weeks. Please feel free to access our school website sirrobertbordenhs.ocdsb.ca under the 7 / 8 tab for important documents and news updates. You may also want to follow us on Instagram at srbhs_78. The remaining 26% of our 7 & 8’s will be part of the new Ottawa Carleton Virtual school. Students enrolled in OCV will begin on Friday, September 18th.


School Hours and Entry Procedures

Grade 7 and 8 students attend school from 8:50 - 3:20 daily. We strongly encourage students to arrive as close to 8:50 am as possible. Should students arrive before 8:35 am, there is no supervision provided; however, they must still go to the designated area on the yard for their homeroom class and physically distance from their peers. Unfortunately, our morning routine requires students to remain in their lines until the start of the day. Recess and body breaks will allow for free play opportunities throughout the day. Unless signed out by a parent, students must remain on school property during the school day.

Grades 7 - 12 have each been provided a designated entry / exit and must only use this door for the remainder of the year. Grade 7 and 8’s will be using doors F and G depending on the location of their class. Homeroom teachers will be reaching out this week to clarify your child’s classroom location, teachers, and entry & exit location via a short video presentation.

Upon arrival in the mornings, students will line up on the intermediate yard in their designated spot. At 8:50, homeroom teachers will greet their students and walk them to their homeroom. Unlike in previous years, students must remain outside until 8:50am.


Forms and Fees

This year we are completing the grade 7 / 8 forms process online. The electronic forms are on our website sirrobertbordenhs.ocdsb.ca (under Grade 7 / 8) Links: :appropriate use of technology agreement , media/school website permission form , student science lab safety agreement . The Cell Phone agreement will be available soon. 

Due to the limited activities and lack of lockers, there are no school fees this year.


Late Arrival, Absences, and Signing Out 

Absences can be shared via [email protected] or by calling 613 829 5320. If a student is late to school but arrives before 9:30am, they can go directly to their homeroom. Their teacher will record the late arrival. After 9:30am, students must enter through their designated door and sign in at the main office.

Should you need to pick up your child early, please make arrangements ahead of time. As we value our learning time, we avoid calling into classrooms. Similarly, finding students during recess, PE, or outdoor learning blocks can be time consuming. Please send a note to [email protected] and copy the appropriate teacher(s). You may arrange to pick up your child out front at the prearranged time. Due to COVID-19 we cannot have parents/guardians enter the building to sign out their child - please phone when you arrive so we may release your child once you are here.  The school number is also listed on our front doors.


Medication / Epi Pens

If your child requires medication, has an Epi-pen, or has a severe life-threatening allergy, we want to know about it. Please share this information with your child’s teacher and Sharon Parr our office OA at [email protected]  and complete this electronic form -  Plan of care for students with life-threatening medical conditions. This must be done annually.  Please send Epi- pen or other required medication with your child on the first day of school so it can be stored in the office. 


First Day

Additional information will be provided in the coming days. Your child’s homeroom teacher will be making contact this week to both students and parents. Please encourage your  child to check their OCDSB email this week. Teachers will be introducing themselves, welcoming the students, and providing some information about their class location and designated entry and exit into the school. Upon arrival on the first day, students will line up in their designated class location on the back field, which will be clearly labeled. Staff will be present and eager to help your child find their appropriate line. All grade 7 and 8’s will be entering and exiting at the back of the building.



OC Transpo bus passes (Presto Pass) will be made available to eligible students who qualify on the first day of school. Lost passes will be replaced at cost of $6.

We have plenty of room for bikes at the front of the school. Students are strongly encouraged to use a “D” lock to secure their bike to the racks instead of a cable lock. Once secured, grade 7 & 8 students will walk around to the back of the school.   Cameras are present out front for their security, however this cannot guarantee bike safety.

Please park away from the school and walk-a-block. Historically, SRB has experienced issues relating to a high volume of parents dropping off students who are in walking distance of our school. This has caused significant congestion and safety concerns. This year we anticipate with delays in transportation and more parents not wanting to assess OC Transpo, this issue will be exasperated. Beginning September 2020, parents are asked not to drop students off on SRB/OCDSB property. If you will be driving your child to school, please drop your child off in one of our nearby neighbourhoods close to SRB and ask your child to take the short walk to school. If your child has a mobility issue or special need, please contact the school if you need to request a drop off directly on property.

Walk & Roll Meetup Map From OSTA: Parents often state they would let their children walk if they could find a friend to walk with them.  OSTA has created Walk & Roll Meetup Maps, where kids who live in the same neighbourhood can gather together (while staying apart) to walk together to school. Each stop has a specific time, based on general walking time plus 10 minutes to allow for weather and delays. Maps can be found here.


Dress for the Weather

Our staff are preparing outdoor learning opportunities to further enhance their programs. Due to restrictions in PE, the arts, and school based sports and activities, we will be embracing our time spent outside. Consequently, it is important students dress for the weather and come prepared to be outside multiple times a day. All students will be expected to go outside for recess and PE. You may want to build a morning routine of checking the day’s forecast to ensure students are prepared for our diverse weather conditions. Unless raining particularly hard, we will be utilizing our outdoor space regularly. Weather appropriate footwear, outerwear, and clothing layers will be important in your child’s daily preparation for school.


A Typical Day

Given the impact of Covid-19, our school days are designed with your child’s safety in mind. Each student will remain in their homeroom for the day with their cohort. Teachers will rotate into their classrooms. Students will be provided a designated desk & chair and individualized learning tools. High touch points will be sanitized regularly and staff are being trained on protocols to sanitize shared resources and technology. Students will eat lunch in their classroom and have been provided a large section of green space for recess. Students will have assigned washroom facilities and entry & exit doors. 



Masks are mandatory at school and must be worn at all times while in the building. Although not mandatory, it is encouraged that students keep their mask on while outside to maximize their safety. During recess, students will be provided with a plastic baggie to store their mask in if they choose to remove it.Students are encouraged to bring 2 masks daily and a storage container for their used mask. As per the directive of OPH, lanyards are not to be used to hang masks on. 


Lunch, Cafeteria, and Vending Machines

Please pack a lunch and snack daily as the cafeteria and vending machines are unavailable until further notice. Students will eat lunch in their homeroom under staff supervision. Students should bring a lunch bag that seals well as they will be required to take home all uneaten food and packaging. Water bottles are encouraged as we have filling stations in the school. All water fountains have been closed until further notice.


Cell Phones & Personal Technology

Cell phones are off and away during the day for students in grades 7 and 8. Upon entering the building, students must turn off their device and store it in their backpack for the day. Each student will be required to sign a cell phone agreement and adhere to the policy. If your child does not require the use of a cell phone during the day, please keep the device at home. A dedicated phone for students is located in the main office. Students may use their own computer in class with their teacher’s permission. Computers are not to be used for gaming or social media purposes during the school day.



At this point we have not received any direction from Ottawa Public Health regarding immunization clinics at SRB. Typically, students in grade 7 receive vaccines for hepatitis B, human papillomavirus (HPV) and meningococcal disease.. These vaccines are publicly-funded, and available at no cost to you. 

We are aware that most grade 7 students missed their second set of immunizations last spring. OPH has provided these links to parents whose child missed their immunization due to the school closure:




Safety Measures

Where can I get more information about Health, Safety and Well-Being? 


What is the process if a student or staff member exhibits symptoms of Coronavirus? 



Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to working together and helping your child reach their potential. 



Christina Gillanders

Intermediate Vice Principal

[email protected]

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